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Which type of statement best describes your parenting style:

a. Do as I say without asking why?

b. It is important to get a child's perspective and feelings but still establish boundaries.

c. A child will learn in their own way and making  mistakes will allow them freedom.

d. A child is capable of making their own choices without my input.


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What is your anger style? Call CARES for a questionnaire to find out?


Do you have trouble communicating with your spouse?

Do you desire to be closer to your partner?

Does your spouse seem to be distant towards you?

Does your relationship lack true intimacy?

 Do you argue more than you would like with your mate?

​Do you feel defeated or belittled in your relationship?

Do your kids take up all your energy so you often have little left for your spouse?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time for a maintenance check-up of your relationship.


We do all we can because we care!

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  • preteen  problems
  • Strategies to Make Anytime With Your child quality time
  • Take Care Of Yourself
  • How to Bond with 
  • Daughters
  • Healthy Dating Habits
  • Middle School Madness
  • Can I truly trust my spouse?


  1. How to communicate effectively 
  2. Simple Steps to  a Healthy Family
  3. Turbulent Teen Years
  4. Does my child have ADHD?
  5. ​How to blend families

Double trouble, or double blessing. Having twins is one of life's greatest joys. But ask some twin-moms, and they'll tell you it's also one heck of a job